Tennis FUNdamentals: Roger Says

Simon Says with a tennis twist, this game will challenge your child on the basics

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Get to Know your Tennis Racquet: Grips

There are many different ways to hold a tennis racquet – often it depends on shot selection and style of play. When you’re introducing your child to the sport you need to keep it simple: palms up and palms down.

  • Palms Up –¬†fingers face the sky
  • Palms Down – knuckles face¬†the sky

These two grips will help to familiarize kids with using both sides of their racquet. Be prepared for some backlash later on when they find out you tricked them into learning their forehand (palms up) and backhand (palms down) strokes and they were playing “real tennis” all along. Continue reading “Get to Know your Tennis Racquet: Grips”


Get to Know the Tennis Court: Lines, Markings, and Areas

The In’s & Out’s of the Tennis Court

Learning the lines on the tennis court is essential for your child to truly understand the game. In case you’re not a tennis player, I’ve included a list of the five basic lines:

  1. Baseline
  2. Service line
  3. Center service line
  4. Singles sideline
  5. Doubles sideline

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