Tennis FUNdamentals: Roger Says

Simon Says with a tennis twist, this game will challenge your child on the basics

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Tennis FUNdamentals: The Line Game

Memorization game that teaches your child the tennis court lines

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Get to Know the Tennis Court: Lines, Markings, and Areas

The In’s & Out’s of the Tennis Court

Learning the lines on the tennis court is essential for your child to truly understand the game. In case you’re not a tennis player, I’ve included a list of the five basic lines:

  1. Baseline
  2. Service line
  3. Center service line
  4. Singles sideline
  5. Doubles sideline

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5 Reasons Your Child Should Be Playing Tennis

My entire life I’ve been a multi-sport athlete, able to excel to a competitive level for many sports, a jack-of-all trades but master of none. Having your time and interest divided between several sports inherently prevents you from committing to and mastering one (for most of us anyways). I first discovered this dilemma around the age of 13, choosing tennis, basketball, volleyball, and soccer instead of just tennis. If you haven’t already skipped this first paragraph, you’re probably thinking “Why on earth is this relevant? C’mon get to the list already”. From my experience, a lot of tennis players only play tennis – this list comes from the perspective of a well-rounded athlete who still believes tennis has a combination of benefits unique to itself.

Inspired by Tennis Canada’s article, 6 reasons why tennis is a great choice for your child, here’s: 5 Reasons Your Child Should Be Playing Tennis.
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