Tennis for Tots is a resource for parents (or cool babysitters, nice siblings, and fun aunts) who want to introduce their kids to tennis without signing them up for formal lessons. The thoughts, exercises and games provided are aimed at children ages 4-8ish but what works and what doesn’t often depends on the maturity and skill level of the child. I’m passionate about introducing children to tennis┬ábecause it’s a social, lifelong sport they can continue to play at every stage of life.


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Family Doubles on Mother’s Day

My own family is a perfect example of the fun your family can have on the tennis court. Look no further than the giggle fest on display between my mother, sister, and I on this page. My dad started learning a few years ago and now we play in an annual mixed doubles tournament (still working on bringing home that championship title). My mom has been playing tennis at her community club for years and my sister played as a child and in high school. Even though we are all different skill levels we have a blast spending time together on the tennis court.




My experience as a player includes being an OTA ranked junior and member of Western University’s varsity tennis team. As a tennis instructor I’ve been involved in recreational tennis programs for almost a decade – coaching at numerous community tennis clubs, the City of Kitchener, and Appleby College.

Thanks to everyone (anyone?) taking the time to read my posts!

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