Tennis FUNdamentals: The Line Game

Memorization game that teaches your child the tennis court lines

If you’re unfamiliar with the names of the lines on a tennis court check out my previous post, Get to Know the Tennis Court: Lines, Markings, and Areas.

How to play

  • Have kids line up along the baseline
  • Quickly review the five lines with them
  • You shout the name of a line and the kids will race to it
  • The last child to reach the line is out
  • Continue the elimination process until someone wins the game


  • Have practice rounds so no one is out right away
  • Kids have a number of “lives” and aren’t elminated until they loose all their lives
  • Involve those who have been eliminated by having them shout the next line
  • If the kids need help – point to the line when you say it
  • If the game is too easy…
    • Point to a different line than the one you said – try to trick them!
    • Shout out multiple lines, they must run to them in the order you said

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