Tennis FUNdamentals: Roger Says

Simon Says with a tennis twist, this game will challenge your child on the basics

How to play

  • Kids spread out on the tennis court
  • You are Roger and must tell the players what to do
  • Players must only obey commands that begin with “Roger says”
  • A player is eliminated if they:
    • Obey a command that didn’t start with “Roger says”
    • Don’t correctly obey a command that starts with “Roger says”
  • Continue to give commands until there is one child left, they are the winner

Suggestions for commands

Commands can be anything, get creative! I recommend mixing in some generic ones (as you would in Simon Says) as well as commands that are tennis related. For example:

Roger Says…

  • Jump
  • Touch your nose
  • Forehand swing
  • Backhand swing
  • Ready position
  • Touch the service line





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