Tennis FUNdamentals: Caterpillar

Improve hand-eye coordination and teamwork in this race to the net

How to play

  • Create two teams and have them line up single-file behind the baseline
  • Each team gets one tennis ball, the player at the end of the line starts with the ball balanced on their racquet strings
  • Player with the tennis ball must pass it from their strings to the racquet of the player next to them, no “saving” the pass by touching┬áthe tennis ball with your hands!
  • After a player successfully passes the ball they must run to the front of the line
  • If the ball falls off either players racquets, pick it up and try again
  • Passing the ball and running to the front of the line continues until the team reaches the net
  • The first team to reach the net is the winner


  • Increase difficulty by having the teams start over from the baseline if the ball drops
  • Have rounds using different grips (Get to Know your Tennis Racquet: Grips)
  • Make the game longer by racing to the net and back to the baseline


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