Get to Know the Tennis Court: Lines, Markings, and Areas

The In’s & Out’s of the Tennis Court

Learning the lines on the tennis court is essential for your child to truly understand the game. In case you’re not a tennis player, I’ve included a list of the five basic lines:

  1. Baseline
  2. Service line
  3. Center service line
  4. Singles sideline
  5. Doubles sideline


Once your child has mastered those five lines, other markings and areas include:

  • Center mark
  • No mans land
  • Deuce service box (right service box)
  • Ad service box (left service box)
  • Doubles Alley
  • Net

If you aren’t familiar with tennis court, don’t panic! The above diagram covers most of it ¬†or you can take a peek at TennisCompanion’s post, A Diagram of Tennis Court Dimensions & Layout, for a more detailed look at the elements of a tennis court.

Line Calls

In my post 5 Reasons Your Child Should Be Playing Tennis, I touched on honesty and line calls. Two important concepts to make sure your child understands are:

  1. If the ball touches ANY part of the line – IT’S IN
  2. If you aren’t sure if the ball is in or out – IT’S IN

Making fair line calls (at every level) is one of the most difficult aspects of the sport and often a source of controversy. Encourage your child to make their own line calls and reinforce that even if the ball was “mostly out” it’s still in.


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