Welcome to Tennis for Tots!

Welcome to Tennis for Tots! In the interest of full-disclosure I must admit this is my first blog (which makes this my first blog post) and my motivation isn’t as pure as others in the WordPress community. Sorry bloggers, I’m not one of you – my hand was forced by a school assignment.

What does one write a blog about when they’re not particularly passionate about writing a blog? That’s a question I spent weeks mulling over. Some fleeting ideas included a non-runners guide to training for a marathon and seasonal craft beer reviews, but as the deadline quickly approached I still wasn’t inspired. Finally, I did some soul searching. I have a variety of interests but what am I both knowledgeable and passionate about? Then like Newton’s Apple (yes I just compared by blog to the discovery of gravity) the idea hit me – tennis.

Let’s take this from the top: Welcome to Tennis for Tots! As a former competitive tennis player with a decade of coaching experience, I am passionate about introducing kids to the sport. These credentials also mean I’m aware of one of the most prominent barriers to getting started: cost. This blog will focus on the benefits of learning to play tennis and be a resource for ideas on how to introduce a “tot” to the sport without signing them up for formal lessons.

The goal is to get more kids on the tennis court raising a racket while raising their racquets!

Shout out to Michael Seaton for creating this assignment and pushing me outside of my comfort zone. I’m a fanatic reader so how difficult can the other side be? Well internet, you’re about to find out.

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