Welcome to Tennis for Tots!

Welcome to Tennis for Tots! In the interest of full-disclosure I must admit this is my first blog (which makes this my first blog post) and my motivation isn’t as pure as others in the WordPress community. Sorry bloggers, I’m not one of you – my hand was forced by a school assignment.

What does one write a blog about when they’re not particularly passionate about writing a blog? That’s a question I spent weeks mulling over. Some fleeting ideas included a non-runners guide to training for a marathon and seasonal craft beer reviews, but as the deadline quickly approached I still wasn’t inspired. Finally, I did some soul searching. I have a variety of interests but what am I both knowledgeable and passionate about? Then like Newton’s Apple (yes I just compared by blog to the discovery of gravity) the idea hit me – tennis.

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Get to Know your Tennis Racquet: Grips

There are many different ways to hold a tennis racquet – often it depends on shot selection and style of play. When you’re introducing your child to the sport you need to keep it simple: palms up and palms down.

  • Palms Up – fingers face the sky
  • Palms Down – knuckles face the sky

These two grips will help to familiarize kids with using both sides of their racquet. Be prepared for some backlash later on when they find out you tricked them into learning their forehand (palms up) and backhand (palms down) strokes and they were playing “real tennis” all along. Continue reading “Get to Know your Tennis Racquet: Grips”

Progressive Tennis: Setting Your Child Up for Success

What is Progressive Tennis?

Progressive Tennis introduces the sport of tennis in a fun and interactive way and ensures immediate success for young players aged 5-10. Using modified tennis balls, racquets, nets and courts, young players are properly equipped to enjoy rallies and learn the fundamentals of the game early on. Skills are developed much quicker, allowing for an easy transition to full court.” – Tennis Canada

How Can YOU Use Progressive Tennis?

In the spirit of this blog being a resource on how to teach tennis on a budget – the only purchase that is absolutely necessary are the modified tennis balls. The types of modified tennis balls include: Continue reading “Progressive Tennis: Setting Your Child Up for Success”

5 Reasons Your Child Should Be Playing Tennis

My entire life I’ve been a multi-sport athlete, able to excel to a competitive level for many sports, a jack-of-all trades but master of none. Having your time and interest divided between several sports inherently prevents you from committing to and mastering one (for most of us anyways). I first discovered this dilemma around the age of 13, choosing tennis, basketball, volleyball, and soccer instead of just tennis. If you haven’t already skipped this first paragraph, you’re probably thinking “Why on earth is this relevant? C’mon get to the list already”. From my experience, a lot of tennis players only play tennis – this list comes from the perspective of a well-rounded athlete who still believes tennis has a combination of benefits unique to itself.

Inspired by Tennis Canada’s article, 6 reasons why tennis is a great choice for your child, here’s: 5 Reasons Your Child Should Be Playing Tennis.
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